Saving Justice Resources

Our 2020 Saving Justice sermon series focuses on discovering the heart of God for those who are incarcerated and obeying his command to visit, humanize, care for and share Jesus with the prisoner.

We invite you to use these resources to continue to explore how we might wisely engage in this biblically relevant issue. 


“Outrageous Justice” Small Group Curriculum by Prison Fellowship: designed to awaken Christians to the need for justice that restores. Small groups will learn about the challenges in the American criminal justice system and explore how Christians can respond in hands-on ways to pursue justice and bring about true hope, restoration, and healing. Find it here.

“Rethinking Incarceration” Small Group Curriculum by Peripheral Vision: From its early history, there has been profound tension in the United States—and in its churches—between the idea of incarceration as punishment, and the spirit of rehabilitation. 7 weeks with videos and discussion guides. Find it here.

Compelled by Love: A sermon series by Rick from 2013 (2 Corinthians 5:11-21), discussing freedom and bondage in the context of sitting in judgment and deeming some not reachable by God and reconciliation. Find it here.

Celestin Musekura on the Value of Forgiveness: Celestin Musekura is a friend of Imago’s and was most recently preached here last year. In this podcast episode, Celestin shares his journey toward forgiveness and equips you with greater tools to experience forgiveness in your own life. Find it here.

Teaching Inmates their Worth: An article from The Gospel Coalition on the inherent worth of all people as image bearers of God. Find it here.

What is the Foster Care to Prison Pipeline?: An article and infographics from the Juvenile Law Center explore how and why children in foster care are overrepresented in the prison system. Find it here.

The School to Prison Pipeline, Explained: An article and charts from the Justice Policy Institute explaining the school to prison pipeline. Find it here.

Just Mercy film: Now playing at local theaters.


Black Poets Society at Imago Dei: Join us on February 11th, 18th and 25th at 7pm for “To The Prisoner,” a series exploring incarceration in America. African American poetry and song will be our guide on a journey that takes us beyond statistics to see and hear real people through the work of prophets, poets and songwriters. Space is limited! Learn more and sign up.

Know Me Now: Aims to reduce prison-return rates in Oregon by building family-centric support systems—in homes and neighborhoods—that empower the transitioning person’s right to change, grow, and enhance their legacy. Learn more at


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