Striving to love as God loves and proclaim the whole Gospel, to the whole person, to the whole world.
Central City

Sundays at 9am & 11am
1400 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, OR

Eastside Gathering

Sundays at 10am
David Douglas High School
1001 SE 135th Ave
Portland, OR

Saturday, August 26th
Sign Up for Love Portland

Join us as we clean up and beautify several of our local schools, preparing them to welcome a new year of students!

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On the Blog

Where do we find ourselves in the Pearl of Great Price? Is the Lost Sheep a foolish outsider? What did Jesus intend by communicating through stories? Our pastoral staff dives deeper into a few of the parables.

Sunday, August 20th

All families are invited to participate in a clothing swap for maternity and kids ages 0-15 after both services in the Central City gym.

July 17th - August 28th

Learn to identify and challenge toxic beliefs about your worth, value and abilities and begin to write a new personal story shaped by God’s Truth.

October 20th - 22nd

We are drawn together by the powerful love of Christ, even in a divided world. Join us for a weekend of being with God and with each other!