Covenant Community

Covenant Community is the outward expression of the inward reality that if you are in Christ, you belong to His people. We express this relationship to each other by uniting our hearts in worship, serving each other and the world, practicing our faith together in ways that build up the body of Christ and prophetically bearing witness against the false beliefs and false gods of our culture. In short, Covenant Community is the place within Imago Dei where believers express their unity in Jesus and live out their faith together.


Joining Covenant Community

Explore the resources below to learn more about what Covenant Community is, what we believe and how we practice it. If you are interested in becoming a part of Covenant Community, email

Covenant Document

This document serves to explain what Covenant Community is, what we believe and how we practice that belief. Read the document.

Community Commitment

We enter into Covenant Community by making a commitment to confess and practice our faith as a diverse but united people of God.
Read the Community Commitment.


Covenant Community Sermon

In this sermon from Sunday, January 6th, Rick McKinley unpacks Covenant Community. Listen now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listen to a special podcast in which Pastors Rick McKinley, Eric Knox and Ben Thomas address some frequently asked questions about Covenant Community. Listen here.